Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mount Everest

"The Mountain"
Following in typical “mommy blog” cliché fashion, my first topic of choice: laundry. After receiving some feedback from other mommy friends on Facebook, I felt it appropriate to just get it out of the way. My family and close friends (the only humans on this planet allowed to personally witness my laundry blasphemy) will confirm that I am the ultimate procrastinator of laundry! Rarely has this family seen a day where my entire master bedroom floor was not covered in clothing of all sorts. Please see picture to right. Most people wouldn't post this picture, but I find honesty turns into the best accountability! In all honesty I cannot even truly blame it on having a child, because pre-baby and quite possibly pre-marriage, I have always been this way :/ < -----TRUTH. Waking up this morning yet again to the monstrous pile on the other side of my footboard, I was motivated to just get it done! I took to Google to find out what it is the “Super Moms” methods are for having a laundry free home. Some recommended doing a load a day, while others have a once a week dedicated laundry day. Being the impatient person I am, I decided to tackle what is known as THE MOUNTAIN all in one day! As I am typing this I am four loads in, and quickly losing steam… Not to mention all the clean clothes, (which I did actually fold), are in a nice and neat pile on my bed. Perhaps this is where my problem generates, a lack of follow through?!?! So here is my question to you keepers of the house out there; what is your method and how do you stay on top of it without developing a deep hatred and resentment for your washing machine??

Love Always,

Laundry is from the devil <3
Progress after four loads...note the clean clothes still on the bed!

And So It Begins...

Welcome to my blog! I am a first time blogger, so please hang in there while I figure this all out.! It is my goal to post about all the fun and not so fun unspoken "mommy hood" things. Having had many friends lately welcoming new little bundles (or not so new), what better way to reach everyone experiencing the same things? Input and opinions of all kinds will be welcome, from new mommies to seasoned grandparents! Please enjoy :)